>*** SOLD! ***
Length: 6"
Bowl Height: 2"
Chamber Diameter: 7/8 conical"
Chamber Depth: 1-5/8"
Airhole: 5/32"
Weight: 58.5 grams

Notes: The second pipe incorporating a stem collar made of teak from the deck of the battleship North Carolina. See the notes on Pipe 49 for details regarding this project. This particular pipe has a briar shank extension, which is why I graded it down to C. Major flaws in the original shank opened up under the sandblasting gun and required me to cut it away, but the bowl itself is a great piece of wood, with a nice ring pattern wrapping around the lower half of the bowl. The bowl briar was one of the hardest pieces I've blasted to date, so I have a hunch it will be a great smoker. The $25 extra on the price of this pipe goes to the battleship's restoration fund.